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Kristin & Derrick: Lakeside Wedding

Moose Pass, Alaska

August 8th, 2011

So thrilled to have found an Alaskan summer wedding to post. It’s been a year long goal, and now here it is. And so lovely! Originally spotted on Green Wedding Shoes, these beautiful photos were taken by Floataway Studios.Kristin’s coral pink flowers and cardigan really pop in the rustic, woodsy environment. The happy color warms things up, and you know there was a little chill in the air. Check out the snow on those mountains!Don’t Kristin and Derrick look so serene? I imagine that’s what some delicious, pure Alaskan air will do for you on your wedding day. The reception was held at The Inn at Tern Lake, which appears to be the most perfectfully situated, peaceful place on Earth. Bet it’s just as beautiful blanketed in snow.

Abbey & Jeremy: Lakefront Wedding

Mackinac Island, Michigan

July 28th, 2011

lakefront wedding

Abbey’s and Jeremy’s lakefront wedding took place on uber-charming Mackinac Island in Michigan. The intimate ceremony was held at the gazebo of the Mission Point Resort in front of 30 guests.

Mackinac is a non-motorized island, so bikes and horse drawn carriages are the only mode of transportation. Abbey and Jeremy continued the eco-friendliness by incorporating only local flowers, refraining from printing paper menus and programs, and opting for a double-duty bright idea: a beautifully decorated cake on a pedestal graced the center of each dining table, acting both as centerpiece and dessert!! As a bonus, the wedding and reception were all held outside during daylight, so no electricity was used to light the event. Immediately following the ceremony, photographer Paul Retherford took photos of the couple as they indulged in some time for themselves on a carriage ride around the island. Meanwhile, wedding guests enjoyed cocktails, hors d’oeuvre, croquet, and gorgeous views of the lake.


Waterside “Day After” Shoot

Hot Springs, Arkansas

July 6th, 2011

The adorable photos shown here are from the “day after” shoot that photographer Tara Welch orchestrated with newlyweds, Autumn and Adam. The very happy couple were married in a small garden ceremony at Lookout Point Lakeside Inn, on the shores of Lake Hamilton in Hot Springs, Arkansas. They held the reception at a rented vacation house on nearby Lake Catherine, and it was at this location that the super playful “day after” shoot took place.

The reception and the shoot were very DIY, with festive handmade paper flowers, ribbon curtains, fringy fabric strips, and mini sculptures (made by the groom) all adding to the lighthearted spirit Autumn and Adam inspired.

A self-proclaimed goofy couple, Autumn and Adam were free to be themselves at the shoot, which the bride described as a playdate, hopping in the kayaks they bought for each other as wedding gifts, and, ultimately, jumping off the dock into the chilly lake. No worries here about getting clothes dirty…or wet!!

Thanks to Autumn and Adam, Tara Welch Photography, and Two Bright Lights.

Beth & David: Lakefront Wedding

Clearlake, CA

March 23rd, 2011

This is the second half of a post that I started, as a guest blogger, on the blog called Delightfully Engaged. It features the beautiful lakefront wedding of Beth and David Bruce, who were married at Beth’s parents’ house in Clearlake, CA. Beth knew right away that she wanted her wedding at the lakehouse, and with a few simple ideas, just the right amount of decoration, and a couple of personal touches, the whole thing was perfect. It goes to show that sometimes everything you need is in your own backyard.

Thanks to photographer Zoe Lonergan for sending these great wedding pix and to Kara at for the invitation to blog for them. weddings by waterweddings by waterweddings by waterweddings by waterweddings by waterweddings by water

Kristin & Jacob: Wedding On The Water

Lake Michigan

February 20th, 2011

When I asked Kristin if there was a special reason that she and Jacob chose to get married on the shore of Lake Michigan, her answer was that her parents met there. Of course, I immediately got the warm and fuzzies. She went on to explain that her grandparents live there, several family members have houses there, and she has fond memories of many summer vacations (some with Jacob) spent at the Maranatha Bible Conference where they held their beach wedding ceremony and indoor reception. This is exactly why so many couples choose to have weddings on the water. They connect with it on some deep, significant level, and for Kristin and Jacob it was romance, family, and memories that made the beach of Lake Michigan the most significant spot for them to start their life together.

Sarah Parisi did a beautiful job photographing this wedding and sent these images to me. Hello, music-video-stunningly-attractive-couple! I mean, honestly, are they cute or what? Kristin’s gorgeous dress was purchased at a designer outlet (I like her even more for this) in Illinois, and she braved several rounds of alterations to get it to look like this on her. Well worth it, girl. It’s beautiful.

Rather than having chairs set out on the beach, Kristin and Jacob had a standing ceremony. This is such a great idea when an intimate experience is your goal. Standing allows guests to move in close around you, creating a really special, organic, unpredictable experience. I just suggested this exact same thing three days ago to a couple I’m working with. They thought it was the best idea they’d ever heard. Sometimes rows of chairs just feel wrong. Look how cute Kristin and her barefoot dad look as they step out onto the beach (find him in the kiss shot too…i’m digging Dad). And the flower girl and ring bearer…OMG. Warms your on the waterwedding on the waterwedding on the waterwedding on the waterwedding on the waterwedding on the waterwedding on the waterwedding on the waterwedding on the waterwedding on the waterwedding on the water

Liz & Chris: Lakeside Wedding

Lake Michigan

December 18th, 2010

Two things about this wedding¬†by the water stopped me in my tracks. The first is the fact that the beautiful beach shots were actually taken on a lake and not the ocean (looks like ocean to my eyes!), and the second is the dress. This is some dress, for real. It’s a Vera Wang, so I’m not shocked by my love for it, but the combination of blush color, ethereal layers, and incredible embellishment along the bust line has me glued to these photos. How happy is this girl in this dress? I know she’s excited because it’s her wedding day, but she knows she looks GOOD!

Two more things I like here. Liz and Chris did a “first look,” which is highly recommended. Not only does seeing each other before the ceremony take a lot of pressure off the bride and groom (it’s hard to keep reactions and emotions in check in front of all your gawking guests), but it allows for really sweet photos of a very special moment. I also really like the swirly circles of rose petals down the aisle. I haven’t seen that before, and it adds an unexpected element to the ceremony set up.

This wedding was photographed by Harrison Studio, and the ceremony took place at Ventura Pines Cottage in Holland, Michigan.weddings by waterweddings by waterweddings by waterweddings by waterweddings by waterweddings by waterweddings by waterweddings by waterweddings by water

Thao & Dan: Lakeside Wedding


November 11th, 2010

Growing up, a friend of mine had a house on a lake, and we spent many lazy summer hours on the dock imagining a wedding there. What we created in our minds was a wedding that looked just like this one. Family, friends, not too much fuss, lots of DIY, and a ceremony over the water. This sweet day was photographed by Redwall Photography, and I first saw it on Wedding Chicks.

Thao and Dan held their wedding at the lake cottage that Dan’s grandparents owned and where he’d visited them all his life. They kept their guest list small, which allowed them the opportunity to take everyone out on a boat for cocktails after the ceremony. This is a great tip when planning a wedding…the smaller the guest list, the more flexibility you’ll have to do something memorable, as Thao and Dan did. wedding on the waterwedding on the waterwedding on the waterwedding on the waterwedding on the waterwedding on the waterwedding on the waterwedding on the waterwedding on the waterwedding on the water

Laurell & Trevor: Lakeside Wedding

British Columbia, Canada

October 7th, 2010

This wedding by water is about as perfect as it gets, in my opinion. Not only are the bride and groom, Laurell and Trevor, beautiful to look at, but the location is simplicity at its best. There’s nothing overdone here. Nothing at all. The balance and restraint of the minimal decor allow the location’s beauty to shine on its own and ensure that the couple and their guests are the most important elements of the day. weddings by waterweddings by waterWeddings by waterweddings by waterweddings by waterweddings by waterweddings by waterThere’s some pretty natural beauty going on here, but Jamie Delaine, the Vancouver based photographer who shot this wedding, deserves credit for taking some pretty beautiful photos. I first saw this wedding on Style Me Pretty.

Lindsay & Mark: Lakeside Wedding

Lake Como, Italy

September 30th, 2010

Weddings by water

weddings by water

Love the way these chairs were set up at this ceremony. Always consider the shape of your ceremony space and work with it, not against it.

weddings by waterweddings by water

Three things immediately appealed to me when I came across this wedding. First, the ceremony’s on a lake, and second, it’s on Lake Como! A gorgeous lake in Italy? What more could anyone want? But what made the find even sweeter was to see that the photographer was one that I had worked with personally (but not on this wedding….bummer). Corbin Gurkin is an incredibly talented photographer who specializes in destination weddings, and she’s a pleasure to work with. Be sure to check out her website and blog, where you can see the whole story of this wedding as it ran in the Summer 2010 issue of Inside Weddings.